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Light demolition refers to the process of selectively removing specific structures or materials from a property without causing excessive damage. Junk Platoon is a reliable light demolition contractor that proudly serves the greater OKC metropolitan region.

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Services specialized in light demolition

As an Oklahoma City-based light demolition company, Junk Platoon aims to be your preferred choice. Locally owned and operated in Edmond, we proudly extend our services to the entire OKC metro area, encompassing Bethany, Midwest City, Del City, Nichols Hills, Moore, Warr Acres, The Village, and surrounding regions. Rest assured, we guarantee swift, competent, and thorough handling of your project. Our operations are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

Our teams have undergone extensive training and are provided with the necessary tools to offer specialized demolition services. This entails the meticulous removal of specific elements or structures, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding areas. Included in our range of services are residential demolition options:

  • Demolition of a deck
  • Light demolition of a shed.
  • Light demolition of fences
  • Light demolition of a playset.
  • Targeted interior deconstruction
  • And More!

Junk Platoon sets itself apart from other light demolition firms by going above and beyond to assist you in efficiently decluttering and tidying up virtually any area. This is the method:

  • Light demolition contractor. Are you in need of assistance with clearing out your shed or decluttering your house before commencing the demolition process? Our team is capable of handling that task for you!
  • Adaptability is our commitment to fulfilling your specific cleanout and demolition requirements. Our utmost priority is assisting you in achieving your goals by collaborating closely with you.
  • At Serve-Delight-Empower, we are a Christian organization dedicated to serving our community as a means of fulfilling our commitment to God.
  • Transparent pricing
The cost of your light demolition will be tailored to suit your specific requirements.
  • We will visit the demolition site to evaluate the project and factor in any requirements for junk removal. Afterward, we will provide you with a complimentary and non-binding service estimate.
  • Dependable. Our team possesses expertise in assessing the duration, manpower, and machinery needed for a task. Therefore, you can have confidence in the precision of our quotation.
  • Transparent Pricing. Our company ensures that you won’t encounter any surprise fees, such as additional disposal charges. The initial quote provided will encompass all demolition-related costs.

In order to have a dependable and prompt light demolition service at your disposal, it is crucial to choose Junk Platoon as they fulfill these requirements. We have streamlined the initial steps to ensure a convenient and effortless start.

  • Reserve your spot today by utilizing our user-friendly online system to swiftly arrange an appointment. Simply inform us of your requirements and desired start time, and we will promptly contact you to finalize the specifics.
  • Dial (405) 900-8387 for the opportunity to converse directly with one of our team members. Take advantage of this chance to contact us and schedule your light demolition project!

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Step-by-Step Light Demolition Process

Executing a light demolition project requires a systematic approach that ensures safety, efficiency, and minimal disruptions. While the specific steps may vary depending on the project’s scope and nature, here is a general guide to the step-by-step light demolition process:

  • Assessment and Planning: The contractor conducts an initial assessment of the site and structures slated for demolition. They determine potential hazards, required permits, salvageable materials, and develop a comprehensive demolition plan.
  • Disconnecting Utilities: Before any demolition work begins, utilities such as electricity, gas, and water need to be disconnected or safely capped off to prevent accidents during the process.
  • Removal of Salvageable Items: Valuable or reusable items within the structure are carefully removed for salvage or future use. This may include fixtures, appliances, or building materials that can be repurposed or donated.
  • Structural Demolition: The contractor employs various tools and techniques to dismantle the structure systematically. This involves removing walls, roofs, floors, and other components in a safe and controlled manner while minimizing damage to surrounding areas.
  • Waste Management: During the demolition process, waste materials are generated. Responsible contractors prioritize waste management by sorting materials for recycling or disposal in accordance with local regulations.
  • Site Clean-Up: After the structure is fully demolished, debris and remaining materials are cleared from the site. This ensures a clean working environment for subsequent construction phases.
  • Final Inspection: Once the demolition is complete, a final inspection is conducted to ensure compliance with all safety standards and local regulations.

By following this step-by-step process, expert contractors can efficiently carry out light demolition projects, paving the way for smooth transitions into the construction phase.

Junk removal professionals standing in front of their truck
Former military personnel battling against clutter!

Junk Platoon stands out as the premier junk removal and light demolition company in OKC.

  • Prompt Service. In the majority of instances, we arrive at our clients requiring junk removal within a 24-hour time frame! We will also promptly attend to your demolition project!
  • When it comes to efficiency, our priority is not only to reach the destination promptly, but also to operate with utmost effectiveness in order to finish the task within a reasonable timeframe.
  • We take great care to ensure that every detail is attended to. Our team will conduct the demolition, tidy up afterwards, and leave your property in excellent condition.
  • Experienced. Irrespective of the task, our crew is amiable, diligent, and possesses a high level of professionalism. Take a look at our Google reviews!
Honest Pricing
Your light demolition cost will be customized for your unique needs.
  • Quote. We’ll come out and assess the demolition project and take any junk removal needs into consideration. Then we’ll give you a service quote at no cost or obligation.
  • Reliable. Our team is skilled at estimating the time, labor, and equipment that a job will require. So you can trust that our quote is accurate.
  • No Hidden Fees. We won’t hit you with extra disposal charges or other unexpected fees. Your initial quote will cover all demolition related expenses.
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Easy Scheduling

You need a responsive and efficient light demolition company to be there for you. That’s why you need Junk Platoon! We even make it easy to get started!

  • Book Now. You can use our online system to quickly schedule an appointment. Tell us what you need and when you’d like to get started. We’ll reach out to you and iron out the details.
  • Call (405) 900-8387. Would you rather speak directly with a member of our team? Then give us a call and let’s get your light demolition project on the books!

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Veterans Waging War Against Your Junk!

Junk Platoon is the best OKC junk removal and light demolition company.

  • Fast Service. In most cases, we get to our junk removal clients within 24 hours! We’ll get to your demo job fast, too!
  • Efficient. Not only do we get there quickly, but also work efficiently to complete the job in a timely manner.
  • Thorough. We don’t leave things undone. Our crew will demo, clean up, and leave your place in good shape.
  • Professional. No matter the job, our team is friendly, hardworking, and professional. Check out our reviews on Google!