Junk Removal in Arcadia

Junk removal in Arcadia couldn’t be an easier process. The professionals at Junk Platoon are locked, loaded, and ready to go! Call us today and start living the uncluttered life.

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All About Junk Removal in Arcadia, OK

Junk Platoon is locally-owned by a 21-year veteran and is here to meet all your junk removal and hauling needs!

Full-Service Junk Removal & Hauling

All you have to do is show us what you’d like removed and we do the rest! Regardless of where the items are on your property, we will do the lifting, loading, and hauling so you don’t have to! We only offer full-service junk removal.


Services We Provide

Junk Platoon provides the tools, trucks, and trained experts to get your job done. Our professional team is ready, willing and able to serve Arcadia just like they served their country. With their help, we’re able to provide services like:

Junk Platoon junk removal truck
Full-Service Junk Removal in Arcadia

From events at Arcadia Lake to the annual Festival and Rodeo, Junk Platoon keeps Arcadia and the surrounding area clean 365 days a year!

Our mission is to serve God (Matthew 13:22), delight customers (Matthew 5:16), and empower veterans during their transition back to civilian life (Matthew 12:25). 

The Right Team for the Job

At Junk Platoon, we spend time every week training our team so you can trust that our junk removal professional know how to safely and efficiently handle any task you throw their way.

The hardest things you have to do are giving us a call and pointing to the items you want hauled away. We’ll show up when you need us and take away your clutter faster than you can imagine.

Junk removal professional loading shelves into the back of a junk removal truck
How Does Junk Removal Work?

Every junk removal job we go to is a little bit different, but we know how to eliminate the stress your junk is causing you.

Almost anything can be waiting for us when we show up at the job site, which is why we provide two estimates to our Arcadia customers

  1. An initial estimate based on what you describe to us on the phone, and
  2. A firm, final one when our crew arrives at your property.

Firm, No-Obligation Quotes

The second, on-site quote represents the final amount you’ll have to pay–no future fees or hidden surcharges. Our all-inclusive price includes labor, disposal fees and all appropriate insurance.

Typically, the amount we charge is based on the space your junk takes up in our truck regardless of where your items are located in your home, business or on your land.

How To Schedule Your Appointment

It couldn’t be easier to schedule your junk removal and hauling with Junk Platoon today!

Just call (405) 900-VETS, or Book Online to begin your junk removal journey and eliminate the stress your junk is causing you.

We provide a guaranteed 2-hour appointment window tailored to your schedule and are proud to offer same-day and next-day service free of charge.

Junk Platoon never lets our customers down. Call us today and find out why!

Junk Removal from Start to Finish

  • To get started, call Junk Platoon today!
  • We will schedule your junk removal appointment when it works best for you.
  • Our team will give you a courtesy call when they’re on the way!
  • When we arrive, we will offer you a free, no-obligation junk removal quote.
  • If everything sounds good to you, we will get right to work and
  • You will be junk free and stress free!

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