How Do You Get Rid of a Hot Tub?

How Do You Get Rid of a Hot Tub?

Next article==> It’s often said that the two favorite days for a hot tub owner are the day the hot tub is installed and the day it leaves.

Hopefully, you’ve had many years in between those two days, but if you found this article, then you’ve decided your hot tub needs to go, but you aren’t sure hoe to actually make that happen. After all, the installation was handled by the spa company so you didn’t have to think twice about it.

If you’re looking to get rid of your hot tub in Oklahoma City, you have several options (some, admittedly, better than others):

  1. You can sell it: If your hot tub is still in good condition, you can try selling it. Put an ad on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp or one of the other local selling apps out there now adays. Of course, if you’re like most people, selling it isn’t an option because it’s an eye sore that’s been gathering dust for years.
  2. Take it apart for scrap: If your hot tub doesn’t work any more but still has it’s pumps and other metal pieces in tact, you may want to take those pieces out and take them down to the scrap yard. While you won’t get much, something is better than nothing, right?
  3. Have pros come remove it: You could hire a friend (if they’re experience), a spa company (although most won’t haul away hot tubs unless they’re installing a new one), or a junk removal company to remove it for you.
  4. Dispose of it yourself: You could watch some of the many YouTube videos about removing hot tubs and do it yourself. Of course, this will require some tools you may not have and the help of a strong friend, neighbor or family member.

If you live in Edmond and choose to do your own hot tub removal, you can take it to the Edmond Transfer Station and pay to dump it there. They will accept it as long as it’s cut up into at least four sections. If you’re in Oklahoma City, Moore, Del City or the surrounding area, you’ll need to take it to the closest landfill once you’ve cut it up. Regardless of whether you live in Edmond or somewhere else nearby, you should call your city sanitation department and ask if they’ll take it as part of a large trash pickup. They probably won’t, but if they do, it will save you the trip to the transfer station or landfill…the charges probably won’t change either way, but it might save you a trip.

**We typically cut hot tubs in half one direction and then turn 90 degrees and cut them in half again. This makes them easier to move from the backyard to the driveway/street and also makes it a size the transfer station will accept. If you remove the motors and other metal pieces as you’re cutting it up, you might be able to scrap them for enough to pay for your bill at the transfer station or dump.

In conclusion, there are several ways to get rid of a hot tub in Oklahoma City. You can sell it, scrap it, have it hauled away, or dispose of it yourself at a transfer station or landfill.